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Touch for Men Burberry cologne review

From comforting fabrics to fashion accessories Burberry displays every range of refined merchandise. Giving you a perfectly elegant look with the easy treat, that perfectly defines Burberry. Undying graceful products is what Burberry provides you with.


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Man is defined with the class. From tip to toe everything counts when you talk about the man’s modishness. What impacts the most is the fragrance. The second quick sense that hits is the smell, and it’s a total waste if women didn’t say loud wow to man’s fragrance. Such cologne is Burberry Touch! Yes it definitely creates a wow factor. The awe-inspiring fragrance of Burberry Touch can raise the sensuality of his lover. With blend of fresh and spice, Jean-Pierre Bethouart brought into being this fragrance in year 2000. This out of the ordinary creation has woody aroma with Virginia cedar wood, Violet leaves and Mandarin tree leaves. Artemisia mingled with White pepper, Nutmeg and Vetiver roots makes it highly spiced. With base of Tonka Bean, Burberry Touch is musky cologne for men.

This special touch burberry is available in three volume range – 100 ml, 50 ml, and 30 ml. The clear glass bottle makes appearance eye-catching. As the fragrance is not so strong, men can wear it every single day. The wispy fragrance hangs around him, making it his masculine signature aroma. The effect is as lasting as the scent. This revolutionary fragrance being easily available in market, places itself on the priority list of men as well as women for their lovers’.

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Burberry London most powerful and masculine fragrance from Burberry

The new men scent by the classical British brand, proved to be a very pleasant surprise that unites all those elusive qualities. London For Men by Burberry is an oriental spicy fragrance for men.

The nose behind this fragrance is Antoine Maisondieu. London For Men starts safely with the scent of lavender, and then comes to a touch of pepper, cinnamon and wine. Middle notes are leather and mimosa and finally ends with a buzz feel of tobacco leaf, guiaic wood and oakmoss.



London For Men is the most powerful and masculine fragrance from Burberry men’s fragrances. This is a perfume that retains some mass appeal, and that’s not knocking it, not at all.

A delicious coveted accord like a festive pie further smoothes out the rougher notes of the spices. While the emergence of a truly sophisticated, dry wood and amber unite with some bitterness of leather is left to linger on the skin seductively. The overall effect is smooth, elegant and comforting the same time.

Wearing Long coat and Leather gloves while walking through crisp piles of fallen leaves on a cold day that promises snow, the warmth of hearth afterwards which makes it eminently fit for the cooler seasons.

The lasting power of this fragrance is average and keep you smell good all working hours and suitable to wear on almost every occasion.

London For Men is a timeless signature scent for the modern gentlemen who exudes sophisticated manner. The most warm and great smell I would ever suggested, perfect for a rainy fall day or a freezing cold night.


London For Men is an eau de toilette and can cost you in the ranges of $50 to $78.


Burberry colognes review

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BURBERRY SUMMER – Summer in your smelling

Have you ever imagined of capturing the entire summer into a bottle, the Burberry Summer For Men gives you that feeling. You may remember that feeling of warmth, as you are standing among the fields of brown and musky potpourri of wheat surrounded with the aroma of natural freshness, the Burberry Summer will surpass the wildest of your imaginations.

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The new fragrance released by Burberry in the summer 2013 is one the epics of Burberry itself. It is carefully formed to suit a wide range of your daily ongoing. Whether you plan to wear the Perfume to office or wear it to a wild party, you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying with you the Burberry Summer, the Burberry Summer will carry you itself towards the perfection in all your ordeals.


Musk scent

This sublime fragrance is a combination of Hesperidium Fruits, Mint, middle notes of Thyme, Juniper Berry, base notes of Musk and crushed and dried up petals (that are used to make potpourri) has taken its place as hall of fame in Men’s perfumes.

As you spray on the redolance, the White Must will be noticed in the inception as well as a sense of Green Apple and Mint. The Mint however cavorts in the background so as to give just a feel of Mint. And later, the fragrance settles down in a blend of citrus accords.

The Burberry Summer For Men is available in 100ml Blue-Green Turqoise bottles which is inspired by 2013 Spring-Summer collection.


Burberry Sports – Masterpiece from Burberry

Burberry is expanding their sports line with many new items including Burberry Sports For Men fragrance. The perfume accompany the existing sports range of his brand line which include clothes, glasses, bags, watches and accessories and so on.

Burberry sports for men was developed by perfumers Sonia Constant, Nathalie Gracia-Cetto and Antonie Maisondieu and contains notes of frosted ginger, grapefruit, wheat, red ginger, juniper berry, white musk, cedar, woods and dry amber.

The scent starts with a sweet and gingery with a small touch of grapefruit. The smell is more spicy, mildly and sharp rather than flowerish of fruity, yet it is made for classy men so this odor is for sure. There is a light smoothy character in the soapy opening and it becomes cool and astringent when it comes to its middle phase. The freshness of this scent return to its opening phase with a clean touch of pale wood, musk and amber.

The Burbery Sports For Men follows the path of sports perfumes in the market but it is slightly mellower the any other sports fragrance.


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Long lasting cologne

It is a fragrance that good with all general audience, out of the shower smell of that would be perfect for work, casual use or during any sporty gym workout. The fragrance has the power to keep lasting long, usually 4-6 hours. This isn’t that bad.

The Burberry Sports For Man cologne comes with a sleek designed crafty box with a red sport rubberized band wrap around the box. This red rubber can be used as a bracelet.- maybe a gift from Burberry I think.

The cologne is formerly appear as an aromatic water and has a highly alcohol content. This crafted juice available in 30, 50, and 75ml price ranges from $45 to $70.

This masterpiece from Burberry is highly recommended for the intact young athlete present out there; it will give you a pleasant look aroma and boost the energy to work out more.

Burberry Brit Cologne review – Top class fragrance

Burberry, by hearing this, the only name does not pop up into out mind, a big brand come to our mind! Burberry is selling products from so many time and we all are familiar with the Cologne selling from the brand.

Best fragrance of Burberry

One of the famous Cologne, British Brit, a top class Cologne is best selling too. It is said that simplicity is best, so, this Cologne provide the same and with this it also provide the best fragrance among other Cologne brands and even it is the best among Burberry colognes.

British Brit, the name suggests the elegance and it sure proves the same, with this, the Cologne also provide fragrance for different moods. Almost covers all, it is best for long night outs and those formal days. So we think the best type would be British Brit. There are very less colognes which longs last and with Burberry, the worry for that is over. An all rounder we can say. This British brand almost sells everything and it has made its establishment for Colognes from a long time. British Brit  was released it 2004 and it is still the same till today’s date.


It has combination of many different ingredients , all single ingredient is unique of its kind and the combination of all ingridients are amazing. The notes areBergamot, Green Mandarin and Ginger Accord, Cardamom, Cedarwood, Wild Rose, Nutmeg, Tonka Beans, Oriental Woods Accords, Gray Musk.

It gives a confident look which all Men expect give, the confident don’t only slashes from personality but smelling good is also an art and British Brit is Picasso of that art. To look good is not only enough to impress anyone, but to smell good is equally important. The first impression is judged in many ways and how you smell comes in it. Burberry has been into the business from many years and they know every Men’s temperament towards this, thus, it has designed in such way that every one’s wish is fulfilled through it.

So, British Brit is a way of expressing the inner expressions and it also gives a gentle fragrance which is what we seek, simply marvellous and with all the survey, Burberry is topping the list of Cologne brands. British Brit is also the best Cologne Among the company too, thus, Burberry British Brit gives a Masculine and confident but yet in a beautiful way. This, it is made to impress