The new men scent by the classical British brand, proved to be a very pleasant surprise that unites all those elusive qualities. London For Men by Burberry is an oriental spicy fragrance for men.

The nose behind this fragrance is Antoine Maisondieu. London For Men starts safely with the scent of lavender, and then comes to a touch of pepper, cinnamon and wine. Middle notes are leather and mimosa and finally ends with a buzz feel of tobacco leaf, guiaic wood and oakmoss.



London For Men is the most powerful and masculine fragrance from Burberry men’s fragrances. This is a perfume that retains some mass appeal, and that’s not knocking it, not at all.

A delicious coveted accord like a festive pie further smoothes out the rougher notes of the spices. While the emergence of a truly sophisticated, dry wood and amber unite with some bitterness of leather is left to linger on the skin seductively. The overall effect is smooth, elegant and comforting the same time.

Wearing Long coat and Leather gloves while walking through crisp piles of fallen leaves on a cold day that promises snow, the warmth of hearth afterwards which makes it eminently fit for the cooler seasons.

The lasting power of this fragrance is average and keep you smell good all working hours and suitable to wear on almost every occasion.

London For Men is a timeless signature scent for the modern gentlemen who exudes sophisticated manner. The most warm and great smell I would ever suggested, perfect for a rainy fall day or a freezing cold night.


London For Men is an eau de toilette and can cost you in the ranges of $50 to $78.


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Image from Fragrantica