Have you ever imagined of capturing the entire summer into a bottle, the Burberry Summer For Men gives you that feeling. You may remember that feeling of warmth, as you are standing among the fields of brown and musky potpourri of wheat surrounded with the aroma of natural freshness, the Burberry Summer will surpass the wildest of your imaginations.

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The new fragrance released by Burberry in the summer 2013 is one the epics of Burberry itself. It is carefully formed to suit a wide range of your daily ongoing. Whether you plan to wear the Perfume to office or wear it to a wild party, you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying with you the Burberry Summer, the Burberry Summer will carry you itself towards the perfection in all your ordeals.


Musk scent

This sublime fragrance is a combination of Hesperidium Fruits, Mint, middle notes of Thyme, Juniper Berry, base notes of Musk and crushed and dried up petals (that are used to make potpourri) has taken its place as hall of fame in Men’s perfumes.

As you spray on the redolance, the White Must will be noticed in the inception as well as a sense of Green Apple and Mint. The Mint however cavorts in the background so as to give just a feel of Mint. And later, the fragrance settles down in a blend of citrus accords.

The Burberry Summer For Men is available in 100ml Blue-Green Turqoise bottles which is inspired by 2013 Spring-Summer collection.