Burberry is expanding their sports line with many new items including Burberry Sports For Men fragrance. The perfume accompany the existing sports range of his brand line which include clothes, glasses, bags, watches and accessories and so on.

Burberry sports for men was developed by perfumers Sonia Constant, Nathalie Gracia-Cetto and Antonie Maisondieu and contains notes of frosted ginger, grapefruit, wheat, red ginger, juniper berry, white musk, cedar, woods and dry amber.

The scent starts with a sweet and gingery with a small touch of grapefruit. The smell is more spicy, mildly and sharp rather than flowerish of fruity, yet it is made for classy men so this odor is for sure. There is a light smoothy character in the soapy opening and it becomes cool and astringent when it comes to its middle phase. The freshness of this scent return to its opening phase with a clean touch of pale wood, musk and amber.

The Burbery Sports For Men follows the path of sports perfumes in the market but it is slightly mellower the any other sports fragrance.


image: Onsugar

Long lasting cologne

It is a fragrance that good with all general audience, out of the shower smell of that would be perfect for work, casual use or during any sporty gym workout. The fragrance has the power to keep lasting long, usually 4-6 hours. This isn’t that bad.

The Burberry Sports For Man cologne comes with a sleek designed crafty box with a red sport rubberized band wrap around the box. This red rubber can be used as a bracelet.- maybe a gift from Burberry I think.

The cologne is formerly appear as an aromatic water and has a highly alcohol content. This crafted juice available in 30, 50, and 75ml price ranges from $45 to $70.

This masterpiece from Burberry is highly recommended for the intact young athlete present out there; it will give you a pleasant look aroma and boost the energy to work out more.