Burberry, by hearing this, the only name does not pop up into out mind, a big brand come to our mind! Burberry is selling products from so many time and we all are familiar with the Cologne selling from the brand.

Best fragrance of Burberry

One of the famous Cologne, British Brit, a top class Cologne is best selling too. It is said that simplicity is best, so, this Cologne provide the same and with this it also provide the best fragrance among other Cologne brands and even it is the best among Burberry colognes.

British Brit, the name suggests the elegance and it sure proves the same, with this, the Cologne also provide fragrance for different moods. Almost covers all, it is best for long night outs and those formal days. So we think the best type would be British Brit. There are very less colognes which longs last and with Burberry, the worry for that is over. An all rounder we can say. This British brand almost sells everything and it has made its establishment for Colognes from a long time. British Brit  was released it 2004 and it is still the same till today’s date.


It has combination of many different ingredients , all single ingredient is unique of its kind and the combination of all ingridients are amazing. The notes areBergamot, Green Mandarin and Ginger Accord, Cardamom, Cedarwood, Wild Rose, Nutmeg, Tonka Beans, Oriental Woods Accords, Gray Musk.

It gives a confident look which all Men expect give, the confident don’t only slashes from personality but smelling good is also an art and British Brit is Picasso of that art. To look good is not only enough to impress anyone, but to smell good is equally important. The first impression is judged in many ways and how you smell comes in it. Burberry has been into the business from many years and they know every Men’s temperament towards this, thus, it has designed in such way that every one’s wish is fulfilled through it.

So, British Brit is a way of expressing the inner expressions and it also gives a gentle fragrance which is what we seek, simply marvellous and with all the survey, Burberry is topping the list of Cologne brands. British Brit is also the best Cologne Among the company too, thus, Burberry British Brit gives a Masculine and confident but yet in a beautiful way. This, it is made to impress