Men deserve to smell good, we have only seen men giving women compliment that how good they smelled. But, what about men who also wanted to smell good but their cologne did not last long? Well, for them, Burberry is the perfect cologne.

Burberry perfumes rank top among other brands. This British company does not allow a chance of dissatisfaction and thus, standing at the top, it rules the industry and continuously serve the best to the customers.

So, following are some of its best 5 cologne, from which, men can choose the best for them. More detail review on best Burberry Fragrance, click to read more.

  1. British Brit:

    • With the elegant name, the perfume also provide an elegance and modern smell. This cologne was first release in 2004, which was a big hit from the brand and they received overwhelmed response from the users. British Brit gives a combination of greens, tonka beans, and nutmeg which would give a fragrance which deserve a night life as well as formal lifestyle. So, with a perfect combination of night and day, British Brit stays on top.


  1. London:

    • this is also one of the best Burberry Cologne which provide the woody scent, it give a relaxing feeling and a freeing experience, though we think just fragrance cant be enough for experiencing such! This Cologne gives best of its types. It combines with, mimosa, leather, tobacco , cinnamon leaves, and lavender. All these ingredients are unique independently so just imagine how they would smell when they are combined together? The answer is simply marvelous. It gives a best expression with casual wear and perfect suit for evening Cologne.


  1. Touch:

    • you must wonder why all the names are so unique. Well, that’s the plan of the brand, Touch is unique of its kind! Softer touch of Cologne gives a feather like feeling and which provide the best simplicity type. The Burberry has released many Cologne but Touch is discussed most among them. If you are looking for a signature scent, this is the best choice for it. It will give an impression which other colognes have failed to. The attempt only is enough to judge which scent is it!


  1. Burberry Men:

    • Burberry has provided an unrequited pleasure for men and we have never seen something amazing for Men body grooming. Thus, with Burberry men, the spicy fragrance is assured. Unlike its other Cologne, this provides a different taste of smell and fragrance, this combines with, amber, Lavender, mint and cedar. We have seen Mint used very rarely and it is used by Burberry Men, that’s why Burberry rules the industry and the selling market for Colognes. It gives a gentle smell and suggested for older Gentlemen who are looking to be impressive among the other ordinary men with the sharp smell of Burberry Men, the name said it all.


  1. Burberry Summer:

    • It gives a fruity fragrance which is specially built for Summer months and we all hate sweaty smell, for eliminating that, Burberry Summer has been successful throughout. It combines with Pineapple and other citrus, all these juicy combinations give a perfect summer fragrance and it is also useful for those long night outs!


The above suggestion for the best 5 Burberry Colognes are son among the others, as mentioned earlier, Burberry Colognes has topped with other Cologne selling brands and it will stay at top as long as the hands are building the Colognes. For complete list of trending colognes this winter, here is a great list to follow.